Why Americans love swimming?

Do you know which country produces many world-class swimmers? Yes, America is a country home to many world-class swimmers. Including Phelps, Ledecky or Natalie Loughlin.
So did you know that swimming is the most loved sport in this country? If you do not know, please go find out with us.

According to Wikipedia, Swimming in the United States began competitively in the 1880s. The first nationally recognised swimming organization was the Amateur Athletic Union in 1888. 

The United States is home to the most swimmers in the world. A staggering statistic shows that the United States has won the most swimming medals in the history of the Olympics since the event was first held in 1896 in Athens, Greece – home of the Olympics.

America has always had a very strong swimming team, stable competition, the power of swimming at the Olympics, so it is obvious that they won many medals in this sport. However, this sport itself also creates many opportunities for athletes to win gold compared to other subjects; especially the excellent athletes.

Let’s take a look at America’s staggering record in Olympic swimming.

  • In total the country has won 520 medals in swimming, including 230 gold, 164 silver, and 126 bronze in all the Olympics so far; accounting for nearly 1/3 of the total number of swimming medals in the Olympics. Following the US, Australia is also great power in swimming, but they only won a total of 186 medals, still very far from the US.
  • In Rio 2016, the US has led the world when it won 121 medals (46 Gold, 37 Silver, 38 Bronze), of which swimming contributed the most with 33 medals (including 16 Gold, 8 Silver, 9 Bronze).
  • Before that, at the 2012 London Olympics, American swimmers also won 31 medals (16 Gold, 9 Silver, and 6 Bronze).
  • At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, American swimmers also pocketed up to 31 medals (with 12 gold, 9 silver, and 10 bronze). In this Olympics alone, Michael Phelps alone won 8 Gold medals.
  • In Athens 2004, American swimmers won 28 medals, including 12 gold, 9 silver, and 7 bronze (athlete Michael Phelps won 6 gold medals, 2 bronze medals).
  • In the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the Australian swimmers with the host’s advantage could not match the US. That year the American swimming team won 33 medals, including 14 gold, 8 silver, and 11 bronze while the Australian host only won 18 medals in swimming, including 6 gold, 9 silver, and 3 bronze.

The country produces most world-class swimmers

The deepest foundation of success in swimming, as in so many other American sports, is school sport. From an early age, schools in the US have attached great importance to physical education in addition to cultural learning. At the university level, gifted athletic students are given the best conditions by the school to promote their talents. To compete to find talented people to create a reputation for their schools, American universities offer great scholarships to sports talent, training with modern facilities, state-of-the-art sports curriculum and top coaches. It is estimated that about 80% of the American athletes present in Rio 2016 this time are students who have been studying at American universities.

That is why in American swimming not only Phelps but also has been producing a series of other famous athletes from school sports like Jenny Thompson (won 12 Olympic medals, including 8 gold), Ryan Lochte (12 Olympic medals with 6 gold), Dara Torres (12 Olympic medals with 4 gold), Natalie Coughlin (12 Olympic medals, 3 gold), Mark Spitz (11 World medals) Olympics), Gary Hall and more recently Katie Ledecky. Michael Phelps announced his retirement in the upcoming Olympics, but behind that many other names will emerge from the “socialized” American school sport.

With each of these reasons, we can completely understand why America has produced so many famous swimmers, right?


Why swimming is the most popular sport in America?

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