Meaning And Uses Of Blood Dragon Wooden Circle


Blood Dragon Wood (blood dragon wood) is a type of wood commonly grown in the original jungle in Indonesia and Malaysia. The Blood Dragon trees from a distance look like green umbrellas, or giant mushrooms. The sap of the tree is bright red like blood, with a strong sour taste. When it dries, it looks like transparent pearls.

Blood Dragon wood has a distinctive red color like blood color, mixed with yellow wood vein like silk thread. In the light, it was translucent and transparent like rhino horn. This is a unique feature unique to Blood Dragon wood that other woods do not have.



Distinguishing Blood Long wood

We can distinguish real red blood dragon wood by the following:

Using LEDs to illuminate the wood has a luminous phenomenon, the red wood is glowing as if there is bleeding inside.

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When newly completed, products made from Blood Long will have no fragrance, when exposed to light, sweat, human vapor (about 1 month), the wood will have a faint scent, the longer it will be worn and fragrant. wood will go to the water very beautifully.

Uses and meanings

Blood Long wood is often used to make wooden handicrafts or jewelry that is often seen as bracelets. Because of their rarity, the ancients often used Blood Long wood to craft products to present to the king. Nowadays, Blood Long wood is used as a feng-shui ring to help repel evil spirits, bring peace to the wearer. In addition, Blood Long wood also protects health as well as healing. Blood Dragon Feng Shui Ring can promote blood circulation, reduce the harmful effects on the body from tobacco and alcohol.

Blood Dragon Wood has many effects in terms of both spirituality and health. Do you hesitate to own a wooden bracelet Blood Dragon?

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