Can you start swimming at age 40?

For those who love water sports, the most appropriate age to learn to swim by default is from elementary school. That age not only helps us to be more receptive but also helps us to develop the body in the most comprehensive way.

However, if you turn 40, an age that people call “four weeks”, “middle age”, is it still appropriate to start swimming lessons?

Age is just a number

Yes, age cannot say anything. Moreover, old Marx-Lenin taught “Learn, learn more, learn forever”. We learn how to swim is no different from acquiring more knowledge. Not to mention swimming is also a life skill. You cannot know if you will need it in the future. But for sure, once you know how to swim (swim to survive), no matter how bad your situation is, you still have the skills to manage and overcome it.

You will encounter some obstacles when began swimming at the age of 40

Everything will have two sides of it. Swimming helps but if you are just starting to learn to swim in your 40s, you will experience some challenges.

Horizontal posture in the water

The directions that help us navigate the space to maintain a stable posture in a standing position are reversed when we change position and lie in the water. What is above when standing is now in the back when lying down, what is below when standing is now in the foreground when lying down.
That leaves us all disoriented, confused and tense. Therefore, we need to create a new database to support the brain to gradually understand the new posture in the water. It is not difficult but it takes time.

Breathe in the water

On the shore, we usually inhale and exhale through the nose. But in the water, you have to practice breathing through the mouth, breathing out through the mouth and nose. Just bring the habit of “breathing” through the nose into the water, you will choke immediately.
Usually, every novice must choke on the water a few times to remember. That is not to mention not always want to breathe but breathe, but must combine breathing with movements of arms, legs, head, neck so that the rhythm is correct. It is not difficult but it takes you a lot of time.

It takes twice as long to know how to swim

Age is also a big obstacle when you want to learn to swim. If it was before when you were 20, you can practice swimming for hours without getting tired. Well now, as long as you practice breathing it will take you all day.

Each movement also takes twice or three times as long, as usual, to remember so that you don’t make mistakes. You just try to calculate and you can see in order for you to learn to swim, on average it takes almost a month to swim proficiently.

Still know that in your 40s, you will have a lot of trouble learning to swim. But looking at the positives that swimming brings, you should try to overcome the obstacles at first to gain benefits later. For swimming, it’s never too late to go to school. For swimming, it’s better late than never. For swimming, you can practice for life.


Age 40 is not too late for swimming!

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