10 reasons explain why swimming is so addictive!

Swimming is one of the forms of full-body water movement and is one of the ideal ways to increase height. With standard swimming techniques, swimmers can maintain balance and float on the water without being submerged in the water due to the effect of gravity. At the same time, arms and legs combine rhythmic work to push forward.

Not only has a good effect on the human body, but swimming is also a very effective form of stress-relieving activity. Maybe that’s why everyone just loves swimming, right? Let’s find out why swimming is so addictive?

10 reasons explain why swimming is so addictive

Swimming offers many health and mental benefits; The outstanding benefit of swimming is that it increases height effectively. There is no age limit, from infants to middle-aged people can still swim.

1. Swimming is number 1: It is difficult to overcome a sport that strengthens the whole body, calms the mind, improves breathing, stimulates maximum circulation like swimming, but does not cause difficulties for the joints. Swimming is a great muscle toning exercise because it trains all of the largest muscle groups in the entire body.

2. Swimming uses the majority of muscle groups. It requires your heart and lungs to be active, resilient, and steady. Unlike other subjects where you have to breathe, sometimes your heart is overwhelmed but not persistent. Therefore, the heart will be healthier than playing other sports. After swimming practice, the useful capacity of the lungs also increased significantly, helping the body absorb more oxygen, making the skin ruddy, and the body fresh.

3. Swimming develops muscle strength and endurance – flexibility and improves body shape.

4. Swimming is especially suitable for people who are overweight, pregnant women, or people with leg, back, or joint problems.
5. Swimming is suitable for all ages. No game has such an age-wide coverage as swimming. From babies to old people over 100 years old.
6. Swimming integrates almost all the advantages of sports such as aerobic (flexibility), meditation (breathing rhythm), yoga (calmness), as well as increases the body’s resistance.
7. Swimming does not strain muscle joints like in aerobic, running or some other athletic sport. Regular swimming reduces the risk of blood pressure in some people and can completely help prevent high or low blood pressure.
8. Swimming is a sport that does not cause the body to overheat and causes little dehydration (not harming, toxic to internal organs and circulation for those who are sick);
9. Swimming has a unique advantage that there is no one subject to. That is, the body is massaged at the same time by the impact of the waves of water steadily hitting every corner of the body. This explains why the body is very comfortable swimming, easy to sleep than other sports.
10. And especially, women pay attention: swimming tightens the capillary structure and subcutaneous tissue, helps the skin to swell and youthful for decades when you get old without any treatment.

Due to the great benefits of swimming, some developed countries around the world now consider swimming as a human minimum life skill. They popularized swimming for students as a compulsory and well-funded subject, for free! What are you waiting for not to swim right now?


Why swimming is so addictive?

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